Art Under the Arches

Art underneath the arches

You will be given demonstrations and individual teaching in a relaxed, creative and friendly atmosphere where you can be experimental and try out new techniques. There are six themed blocks of art sessions which will each be five weeks long. They will give you the chance to try out a range of art projects and also have the opportunity to learn about contemporary and historic art and how this can inspire your current work. These sessions are for all levels of experience.


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Tea/coffee and biscuits are provided.

1st five weekly sessions
You will be creatively exploring markmaking/drawing using mixed media: pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, pastels, paints and resists. Your inspiration may be still-life, photographs, abstract mark-making and the world around you. Different mark-making techniques such as using ink washes, tone, texture and Japanese brushes will be demonstrated.

For the first session please bring a 2B pencil, putty rubber, a sketchbook and any other drawing materials you may have.

2nd five weekly sessions
The focus of these five weeks will be on creatively painting with watercolours where you will learn about colour mixing, blended washes, wet on wet techniques, composition and painting on canvas. You will be helped to develop your sources of inspiration and many of the techniques learnt in the drawing session will be used in these sessions.
For the first session you will need a starter set of watercolour and a paint brush. You will be given advice on what paintbrushes and paper to buy. Paper can be supplied at a small cost.

3rd five weekly session
In this five week block you will be able to continue to explore and experiment with previously learnt painting techniques as well as looking at more advanced techniques.

4th five weekly sessions
In these sessions you will learn about and experiment with table-top printing methods such as simple silkscreen printing, mono-printing and lino cuts. For these sessions you will need a starter set of acrylic paints. Other paints, paper and lino sheets etc will be supplied at a small charge.

5th five weekly sessions
You will be able to experimentally learn about basic felt-making techniques and how to shape and form this material. Objects that you might make could include jewellery, bags and sculptural objects. We will be looking at artists such as Louise Bourgeois as inspiration for these sessions. There will be a small materials charge or you can supply your own yarns etc.

6th five weekly sessions
In these five weeks you will be shown how to complete a short project during each class. These will include: mosiacs and jewellery making, venetian carnival masks and a collage project lasting 2 weeks which will be inspired by Joseph Cornell’s boxes (American sculptor who made 3-d collages using found materials). The emphasis will be on using found and recycled materials. Materials for these sessions will be discussed in advance.
Please contact Christine on 07761416620 or email her on for further details.