Creative Wellbeing Course

The Course

One Day Wellbeing Workshops (creative management of life pressures)

The aim of this one day workshop is foremost to give you the space to take time out from everyday concerns/stresses and focus on your own wellbeing.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to understand and identify different aspects of coping with and managing stress. We use breathing, relaxation and guided visualisation exercises. You are encouraged to use your own creativity through using positive and creative aspects of art and Chi-Kung (a combination of very effective low impact movements performed in a meditative state of mind) as a way of finding your own way of coping with day-to-day stresses. No previous art or Chi-Kung experience is necessary. Using these techniques is about the positive aspects of actually taking part in the process and not in any end results.

How the course will be led

The morning focuses on small group work, general discussions and demonstrations/guidance with various practical techniques. In the afternoon you will be able to work at your own pace and have individualised input.

What we hope you will gain

You will have had the opportunity to consider what stresses you experience and how you can choose to react to them through a number of different positive strategies.

During and by the end of the workshop you should gradually be feeling more relaxed but it is important to note that the various strategies we will teach you are best practised afterwards on a fairly regular basis.

Above all we hope that you have had a relaxing and enjoyable day with us – some respite from your busy lives.

What you will need for the workshop

You will need to wear comfortable clothing and please bring an old shirt etc for painting in the afternoon session. All materials will be supplied but please bring any art materials you enjoy using. No previous art experience is necessary as you will be encouraged to use your own intuitive markmaking.

What you can do next

Four weeks after the first workshop we hold a refresher workshop where there will be an opportunity to evaluate your progress and to review the creative coping strategies you have been using.