End of the Pier Art Workshops

End of the pier art workshops

pier 1 masks

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We are a group of Art and Design teachers and practising artists who work with schools and other groups to provide tailored workshops based on creativity and experimentation. We have a commitment to working with recycled and sustainable materials.

We will:

Encourage, inspire and support learners/participants to work towards their creative potential in a fun, stimulating and informative environment.

Facilitate the development of unique individual responses to art projects as well as positive team building through art projects.

Work with and look at local museum and contemporary gallery exhibitions as inspiration for learners/participants to create new and exciting work.

When working with educational establishments develop creative workshops that are linked to the National Curriculum.

Some of the Workshops we run

Carnival Masks
A day of exploration and discovery into the history of carnival masks, looking at how masks have been used in celebrations around the world ie in Venice, Japan and South America.You will be able to make your own masks inspired by group teaching and by exploring the theme of carnival masks.

Recycling Workshop
In this workshop we will be linking the positive effect of using sustainable and recycled materials on our environment and looking at how we can use these materials to create unique pieces of art.

Table-top Printmaking
A workshop using table-top printing methods such as monoprinting, silk-screen printmaking and linocuts based on the theme of natural forms, culminating in the students learning how to work together to curate an exhibition of their work.

Mixed Media Markmaking Day
A fun and exciting day where you will look at the work of artists such as Fiona Rae and Jackson Pollock to explore the rich potential of mixed media such as using inks, chalks/pastels, paints, pens/pencils.

Creating your own imaginary world
A magical workshop where you can use your creative and imaginery potential to develop your own personal world inspired by the work of the American Surrealist Joseph Cornell. We will be using found (recycled) materials in this workshop.

World Art Collection
A two-day workshop based on the Brighton and Hove World Art Collection. On day one we will be using the collection as inspiration for developing ideas through drawings/paintings which will be translated into papier mache artworks on day two. These will form an exhibition which will help you to learn about how a collection is creatively displayed and curated.

A day’s workshop exploring and learning all about aspects of puppetry and puppetry performance. In the afternoon you will be shown how to make your own puppets.

Paperclay Workshop
A day learning all about how to design and make three dimensional paperclay objects using simple slab-building and imprinting techniques based on architectural themes. For inspiration we will be looking at the sculptural work of artists/makers such as Louise Bourgeois and Cy Twombly.

Work from the workshop will then be dried and fired – the drying and firing process taking approximately 4 weeks after which the work will be returned to you.