Workshop Tutors

Christine Myall, Esther Collins, Ellie Bond, and Robin Gamble

Christine’s main areas of interest are in painting, drawing, ceramics and working with museum/gallery collections. She also has many years experience working in the NHS, where one of her specialisms is in stress management and the use of art as a positive coping strategy. Her qualifications are: BA in Applied Art, MA Fine Art, PGCE Art & Design, Certificate in Person-Centred Art Therapy.

Esther Collins has worked for many years in highly pressured business environments as a graphic artist and through this experience has developed an interest in the positive aspects of coping with stress using various mixed media art techniques. She has recently completed her Post-graduate Certificate in Education at Northbrook College.

Ellie Bond is a freelance art and design workshop facilitator/teacher and a practising Artist. Her degree is in Fine Art and she also has a PGCE in Art and Design. Her specialities are in sculptural work, painting, surface design and textile arts. Ellie has facilitated and taught in art groups including working with artists/actors in an art workshop during the Edinburgh festival.

Robin Gamble is a certified instructor and Chi-Kung therapist under Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit of Malaysia. He has been training in Chi-Kung and Tai Chi Chuan since 2000, and has lived and travelled throughout South East Asia looking for authentic teachers in these arts (including living in China for a year). He has been invited abroad to teach many times and has also competed in competitions on a national and international level.

About Chi-Kung…

Chi-Kung is the Chinese art of energy management. The type of Chi-Kung that Robin teaches consists of simple but very effective ‘low impact’ movements performed in a meditative state of mind, which means almost anyone can do it. There are many wonderful benefits derived from practising Chi Kung, and they may be generalised into the following five categories:

  • Curing illness and promoting health
  • Enhancing vitality
  • Promoting youthfulness and longevity
  • Expanding the mind and the intellect
  • Spiritual cultivation

Although Chi-Kung is relatively safe it is best learnt from a qualified Master or Instructor.

For more information see Robin’s Website